Exclusive Interview With Personal Trainer and Professional Wrestler: Johnny Knockout

johnny knockout

Exclusive in-depth interview with the very talented and charismatic “Cinematic Superstar” known as JOHNNY KNOCKOUT.

Johnny is a well respected personal trainer and professional wrestler.

And having already made memorable guest appearances on TV for both the WWE and MTV, Johnny includes a strong fan base known as “The JKO Army“.

The global phenomenon is spanning around the world and He’s given us the time to discuss about life, training, and all things in between, inside and out the squared circle…

1. As a personal trainer, what is your advice for other lifters and what is the biggest mistake you see lifters make?

JKO: My main advice for lifters is to train smart. It’s not ego, it’s excellence. It’s precision, it’s technique, proper form and execution. I feel like the ‘Bret Hart’ of the gym, man.

The rest will come if you do it right. The biggest mistake: The exact opposite of what I just explained. Lift FOR the body part, not with every other unnecessary body part not associated with the movement. Think barbell curls using your hips and back. Ah, duhh… NO!

2. You’ve worked for WWE in the past and have also been featured on MTV’s True Life: “I Need Anger Management”. How have those experiences changed you?

JKO: Well, the MTV thing, I really feel like I was able to get my story out there a bit and explain myself. Not that I feel I need to, but it felt good to let some of that out. I’d say the feedback and response has been 95% positive, which came as kind of a shock, believe it or not.

Working for WWE was, and still is, tremendous! I felt so at ease, so comfortable, because I knew I was in good hands. Talk about professional and organized. And the catering! Just kidding (although they had every combination covered for making coffee!). The mentality was cool; it was a ‘sink or swim’ kind of atmosphere.

That’s not to say the staff wasn’t accommodating, because, trust me, they’re on top of things, but WWE really allows you to get the job done. There is a responsibility you’re automatically rewarded with.

Some people may see that as a disadvantage, but I am not one of those people. And I’m working very hard, extremely diligently, to earn the chance to work with them on a full-time basis.

3. What do you prefer doing on days you’re not training in a gym or wrestling?

JKO: Watching TV, drinking coffee and eating. I really enjoy quiet time to myself and just relaxing. I’m a homebody.

4. I see that your logo colors are similar to D-X from the WWE, what three qualities do you think you share with Shawn Michaels?

JKO: Similar, yes. Having anything to do with? Absolutely not. It’s quite simple where those colors were inspired. It represents my Irish heritage.

Plain and simple.

However, and not that I would even personally compare myself to Shawn, (though I do aspire to be one of the very best) but if you’re looking for a few similarities I’d say, (1) Showmanship (2) Humor and (3) Resiliency/Will to Win.

5. What type of conditioning/training do you focus on specifically for wrestling?

JKO: I pride myself on my ability to tolerate and further endure resistance. Not just physical, but more importantly mentally, because it all starts in the mind. I run 14 mph, more if the treadmills at the gym’s I train at could go any higher.

I test myself constantly. When I reach a goal in what I set out to accomplish, I immediately set a new one. Be it a specific number of reps, time allotted on cardio, difficulty, speed, weight, or if I’ve ran 14 mph enough times that week, now it’s like “…eh, I’m not impressed, I’ve done that already” so, guess what, now it’s time to bump the incline! BOO-Yah!

Yeah, man, I’m the guy in the gym seething, growling, salivating, tongue sticking out, through gritted teeth, cussing at the weight and giving them the finger, shouting at the treadmill ‘No, YOU cooldown’ when it prompts me that my workout has been completed. Yeah, that’s me.

6. Where did the “knockout” in Johnny Knockout come from?

JKO: It came from the dictionary. Literally. This was the at the time the show Jackass was at its rise, and I liked how the name Johnny Knoxville rolled off the tongue. So, I whipped open a Merriam-Webster, immediately searched the “K’s” and when I stumbled upon ‘knockout’ \nak-,aut\ noun: 1. a blow to an opponent rendering him incapacitated; 2. stunning in appearance, I mean.. C’mon, no brainer!

The rest, as they say, is history. Also, I believe I’m the first (well, the only person I’m aware of anyhow) to have given himself his own nickname which everyone refers to me as. This was when I was 17. Before I began a career in pro wrestling.

Kids in high school were referring to me as KNOCKOUT, my family even, to this day, sends me mail or writes it on Christmas cards, To: JOHNNY KNOCKOUT. Pretty badass, I think.

7. Not only are you a wrestler and personal trainer, but you also model and act. How do you find time to manage everything?

JKO: Easy, I love what I do. And when you do, you ‘make time’ for it. I’m a professional first, so I am respectful to the project that comes first and follow suit until I’ve met obligations on my end, however, wrestling is always at my forefront. I’m what you would call, committed.

8. What training and diet do you swear by that has helped you define your physique and health?

JKO: My regimen depends on my goals, the immediate ones, because I am Always changing it up.. If I need to look extra sexy for a photo shoot, or because my body is 80% naked when I wrestle in front of plenty of people, ..gotta have the abs, baby. So, this means much more cardio.

I always tend to stay on the heavy side for my lifts so I just keep the gauge high on my challenge level there, but when preparing for competition I get in the gym pretty often, sometimes twice a day, sometimes not even skipping a day. But they say, yeah but your body needs rest, and they’re right, so those ‘rest-days’ are my ‘Cardio-only’ days.

And most likely some extra ab exercises too. My diet consists of plenty of protein, low to moderate carbohydrates (depending on the week or how far along I am in getting the results I want: Always eat with your goals in mind, young grasshoppers).

9. One exercise you cannot live without doing?

JKO: 1 exercise I favor would have to be ‘Incline Dumbbell Flyes’. I’m pretty sure that I’d be able to live some semblance of a life if I ‘didn’t’ have this trusty movement, but it has been helpful in making me more ‘perky’ in the bosom department. I’m now up to a ‘B cup’.

10. A few pointers you would give to someone who wants to become healthier and build their physique?

JKO: Garner all the knowledge you can. Research. Ask questions. And, dear goodness, Pick up a “KNOCKOUT WORKOUT!” Individually & Specifically Designed Workout Routine tailor made for getting You the results you seek. Shameless plug. But seriously, Contact: jknockout@hotmail.com and get yours today! Plenty of BOO-Yah! Worthy satisfied clients already becoming Lean Mean Fighting Machines.

11. And finally, Word Association! I’ll name something and you give me the first thing that comes to mind:

Vince McMahon… Future employer.

Squats… Primary.

Negativity… Worthless.

The Rock… Sensational.

Idol… The mirror.

Arnold Schwarzenegger… Pioneer.

“KNOCKOUT WORKOUTS!” Contact: jknockout@hotmail.com
6′ 210lbs

From the silver screen to the wrestling ring, JKO brings a unique blend of ferocity, intensity, focus and an unmatched aggression that cannot be contained. The ring is his ‘Center-stage’.

With his performance comes a ‘Production of Pain’, all of his opponents are cast the role of victim, as The “Cinematic Superstar” brings forth his Final Cut, End Scene. Roll Credits. The orchestra sings his victory, his glory, as his audience shouts, ‘Encore!’.

As the Leader of his Global Fanbase, The JKOArmy, from England to Ireland, Australia to Saudi Arabia, Africa all the way back to The USA, Germany, France, The United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Canada, and the world over, we realize our inner strength. It is Forward Motion Only, “Achievements Made Daily”.

1. See Johnny in action by clicking here: WWE ECW on SyFy as “Johnny Andrews” vs. Vance Archer.
2. See him featured in the MTV True Life episodes: “I Need Anger Management” and “Where are your Favorites now?”.

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