Can You Really Trust Genetics? How Muscle Fiber Contributes to Your Goals

muscle fiber dissecting

Stop it.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You might be thinking that your situation is unique and unfortunate and that you cannot hack or negotiate with your body.

If so, you have probably With those thoughts, you’ve probably felt that the show stops there in terms of developing your physical output.

Almost everybody has this same mental approach and maybe you wonder why a particular individual develops faster, is stronger, runs faster, looks slimmer, or feels bigger than you.

You might be of the opinion that there must be something wrong with the way you perform exercises or following a particle workout simply because desired results are not achieved.

If results aren’t good, you put your head down and blame your genetics.

Those no good genetics…


This can be extremely frustrating for you. And why wouldn’t it, you’ve hit your genetic ceiling, right?

Not quite.

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23 Brilliant Tips from Fitness Experts that Help Motivate you to Workout


Any way you slice it, convincing yourself to dedicate X amount of time to exercise is flat out difficult.

You may find yourself centered around exercising for a short stint, only to find that you’ve fallen off this routine or maybe even worse, you find yourself without the same commitment levels you once had or just maybe it’s difficult taking the initiative on your first step into working out.

If any of these excuses are rolling through your mind, you’ll have to realize in the most likely of cases that it is YOU that’s acting as the barrier between exercising on a consistent basis versus not exercising at all.

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How to Torch Away Your Body Fat Without Endlessly Counting Calories

clean eating

Have you ever wondered if your fitness routine is the best that it can be?

Have you changed it and perfected it over time?

Well let me tell you that nutrition is just as important to your end goal as is your fitness regimen.

In fact if you are not eating clean you are not getting the best benefits out of your work out.

Whatever your end goal is, whether to tone up or get ripped, clean eating is the healthiest nutritional approach out there.

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6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Will Never Get The Ebola Virus

ebola virus


You here it in the news.

It’s an epidemic.

It spreads faster than wildfire and you, along with others are worried, scared, and hoping that you will stay safe.

The Ebola virus  (formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever) is real. It’s dangerous, and yet you hope to stay away from it and stay out of harm’s way.

We all hear about the controversial news and content that’s out about it but what’s right and what’s wrong?

This article will inform you and educate you on the what, where, when, who, and why on the virus – plus throw in some research on the already alarming health topic.

And with good reasons as to why YOU will not get it.

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